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You Must Not Quit

When everything is going wrong, you feel both physically and emotionally broken, the very one thing that you must not to do is quit. Even if you can’t force yourself to talk, to smile, to work, to pretend that everything is right, you must not quit. On these bad days you can just simple live and go easy through the day, don’t force yourself, don’t pretend… just be nice and kind to yourself and everyone around you.


Be Brave With Your Life


1.Think For Yourself.

Think for the world whom are helpless. Fight for your rights. Fight for the weak. Stand your ground and never back down. Do not give up on yourself. Do not lose hope.



2.You Are A Fighter.

Repeat this at the back of your head just in case you forget where you stand. You are not useless. You are smart. You are good enough.



3.Do Not Depend.

Don’t depend on anyone for your own happiness. Find your own contentment. Do what make your inner self feels at ease.



4.Believe In Yourself.

Believe in your own talents, creativity and intelligence. No one is going to be there to constantly motivate you, to bring out the best in you. You have to shine.

Brass sign at entrance to the Secret Garden, Groombridge Place, England


5.Find The Light.

It’ll take a while, years or months but do not let the light dim down. It is inside of you. Imagine yourself as an empty wine bottle, playing truth or dare. Turn as may rounds in several kinds of directions. In life, you’re bound to get lost and stuck. Life’s a maze. But when your heart stops to the right direction, you’ll feel a spark ignite from within.

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6.Feel Everything Around Yourself.

When you feel this, I swear these feelings don’t lie. You are your own mind map. The narrow complicated road, quiet forest, slippery mountain and this temporary life are yours. You are your own steering wheel. It’s either you steer clear of these obstacles to make yourself a living or you curl yourself up in a ball and give up.

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Time is ticking. Do yourself a favor. Be your own version of “Brave.”




70 thoughts on “You Must Not Quit

  1. The morning will come and next day will be better. .Thank you because today is one of those days. I am going to pull the covers over my head and take the day slow and take care of me. Thank you.๐ŸŒท

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  2. Time is ticking. Do yourself a favor. Be your own version of โ€œBrave.โ€


    Thanks Alice,very very helpful, full of inspiration ! ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘

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  3. I know!? Said Larrัƒ. ?I guesั• าปe likes angels because he has them ะณound all tาปe time.
    Possibly he and the angels plะฐy household video gษ‘mes like we do sometimes.
    แขerhaps they play Monopolส.? This made Mommy chortle really าปard.

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