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What You Want & What You Need.


We tend to not see the line between what we desire and what we truly need.

Our desires make us think we need them, but the truth is we need very little to be happy.
yes, it’s just that simple, but it’s just hard to stick this in our head.

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A simple thing :

we only need basic things to live a healthy life: food, a roof & of course a few other things but we don’t need brand new clothes each week, a phone a tablet & a computer, ten makeup pallets.

we don’t need neither fame, popularity, people telling us we’re so pretty, so awesome. we made up in our mind that we needed (and deserved) people watching us and praising us.



Since I discovered minimalism and philosophy, I questioned what I need and what I want.
I actually don’t need much and don’t want much because the key to happiness is not in the things we own but more the things we live.


Here are a few things I learned :


  • Question yourself.




  • Do I need it, will it make me happy or is it just set I want right now and will forget two days later.


  • Seek for the little things.


  • We don’t appreciate enough the little things we already have. Let’s take some time to appreciate them.


  • Appreciate the moments, not things.



  • They usually make nicer memories. It can be with your friends, family or alone, there’s no rule to how you enjoy your time.



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  • what you want is not always the best thing for you.


Understand that what you desire is not always healthy and good for you.

Take some time to yourself and ask what you deserve and what brings you true good.

8 thoughts on “What You Want & What You Need.

  1. You are 24? I was knee-deep in capitalism at 24. It took me so long to wake up and find the truth you have stated in this blog. You impress me, young lady. May you always see the truths in life, and may happiness be your constant companion.


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes I’m 24. It’s always beautiful to know that my word may speak to others. I’m so glad you did it. Thank you for your beautiful words of kindness!


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