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Journey To Self Discovery


We all feel lost sometimes. Understanding yourself and taking time to do a self-evaluation every few months is very important.Even the moon passes through phases to return to full.

At whatever stage of life you’re right now, start journey to find yourself. Life never slows down. Bones become fragile and break, people die and hearts become weak. With every atom in your body, live right now. I beg you to live right now.




Once you take time to fully learn your goals, fears, & ambitions, you will become more confident and self assured.

Flower need time to bloom. So do you.

May be, true happiness is when we are happy with ourselves.Β 




Start your Self-Discovery Journey by answering these questions:


1.what matter to me most?

2.How do I feel about my personality?

3.Do I have negative people in my life? Is it time to let them go?

4.what’s keeping me awake at night?

5.Are my friend a source of inspiration?




6.What do I need to change about myself?

7.Do I have any regrets about my life?

8.Β What makes you feel most like yourself. why?

9.Β What is my biggest dream?

10.Β What drains my energy?How can I remove negative energy from my life?

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11.What makes me feel motivated, inspired, excited?

12.If money didn’t exist, would I still be doing what I’m doing each day?

13.Am I holding onto something that would be better to let go of?

14.How much personal time do I need each week to function well and feel happy?

15.If I could change one thing in my life, what would I change and why?




Now you can start your wonderful self discovery journey to find your true self.


20 thoughts on “Journey To Self Discovery

  1. You remind me of me a few years back, majoring in Economics and Marketing, but also fascinated with this journey of life and self….eventually I went back to school for my teaching degree….much more to my liking and more in tune with my inner path. Now I write because it give me a voice, a chance to share my thoughts of love and life with others and in some small way to make a difference in this world.

    Best wishes on your journey!

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