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Being Kind Is A Gift

In 2017, I grew really much as a person and today I’m gonna share something. 2018 is just started and is a perfect opportunity for some changes. What doesn’t kill you makes you kind and stronger, literally.Last year I did more things on my own and it really made me feel stronger and more capable.


I can’t tell you this enough but all that I have experienced that the strongest person I know, whose heart has been damaged, disappointed and tossed away for granted. A warrior in their own special way. That person is probably anyone. I have come a long way to realize, no matter what your heart has been through, Someday you will find happiness.We can’t imagine our self-being mean to someone else’s heart. Regardless, people say after you get your heart broken, you change and you turn into a cold-hearted person. But I disagree, We didn’t change, We are still as kind as we were before we got our heart broken several times. Being kind is a gift, if you are still kind to people regardless of what you have been through, then you deserve all respect from yourself.


You can’t lose your kindness in this world, no matter what you going through. Whether you have people to help you or alone, most of the times you are on your own. But it’s ok. That way because there are days when nobody is there for you to support you and stand by you, It’s better than before when always feel like a cold-hearted person. Because you will learn how to find strength out of nowhere and make it count not only for you but for everybody around.

Finding your thing really makes you grow as a person.

Every day of your life is going to be another fight, another challenge that you have to go through.

valigia vintage

This year I got better at kind behavior towards everyone and love myself. Of course, I feel insecure sometimes but it’s not as often as before at least.This year I started reading, writing and drawing more regularly and it feels fantastic like I’ve found myself. Feel confident in what you’re doing and you have somewhere to express all your energy and creativity.But always remember that

No Need To Get Approved.

You need approval from you and only you. Because you are the only one who knows what you have been through. This should make you the proudest human ever. You don’t need anyone to approve how strong and capable you are. It’s the most important thing ever.


It’s rare to find

Kindness these days is rare to find and if kindness is still a big deal to you. Then I congratulate you for being an amazing human being.


There’s so much more I could list. And I’m not saying any of this helped at all but whatever you’re going through will past. And then you will be the kindest and happiest person. Be kind and strong wake up every morning with a goal.

68 thoughts on “Being Kind Is A Gift

  1. This is so true . So many have forgotten how to be nice in a common way. Respect and see outside our own box. And what you say about ppl who’s been trough so much often are the kindest is something I have experienced . I’m also a warrior. I had to shut ppl out for using me, hurting or just be mean. We can choose to be nice and tolerate more.

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  2. That was a breath of fresh air to read. Congratulations for having found your way to the road that leads up the mountain and transcends negativity. Reading this reminds me of when I first discovered it for myself. Yo, don’t you ever stray to far from this road. You will stray from time to time, especially in the beginning, but the longer you’re on this path, the longer you have this clear unfiltered perception of reality, the more love of life you’ll have. And the joy you’ll experience is going to reveal to you things about this universe of ours that would currently be unfathomable to you. Thanks for sharing! Me, you, and others like ourselves are few and far between, but we absolutely own our lives, our world, and our futures. Welcome to the club 😉

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  3. Great post. I try to recommend to others to be kind to people or say hello because you never know what they’re going through and doing so might make their day or even save their life. Thanks for sharing😊

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  4. I can so relate to this. I have been through some really bad times but I’ve really come out stronger. We only become more confident in our own skin when we are able to break away from toxic relationships where people take us for granted. We evolve and completely understand how it is important to be kind to those in the receiving end. This evolution is more beautiful due to the intrinsic kindness we possess. I’m glad you wrote this!

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  5. Reblogged this on Touch My Spine Book Reviews and commented:
    I was battling with my depression even more lately and today I pulled up WordPress and this really helped with today’s depression. I have been through countless life experiences of abuse, torture and just being backstabbed but haven’t lost my ability of loving and forgiving others even if they’re not sorry. I guess reading Alice’s post just really hit home today and gave me some hope about learning to love myself for once. Alice posts some great motivational articles, you guys should check her page out if you get a chance! Much love to you all! xoxoxo

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    1. You’re an incredibly kind soul, Thank you so much for such beautiful words and being brave enough to share them here! It’s always so magical knowing someone else can relate to the truths of your soul! I am so happy to hear it and truly honoured to be in such amazing company! We’re not alone, there are so many of us here that share such similar experiences! I wish you all the very best on your journey! Power and light to you! Love you! Take care! 💜💜💜

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      1. Awww, Thank you so much! You are also very amazing! I am so happy and humbled to know that!😻😻💜 I’m truely blessed to have you, being part of my journey!💜💜 It means the world! xoxoxo

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  6. From the bottom of my heart, Alice. Thank you so much for this… I’ve come across your post from a friend of mine, Dani. She reblogged your post. And thank God she did, i wouldn’t have read this.. 2017 wasn’t really good to me due to depression.. It felt like the most failure of a year for me, But I’m set to do things differently this year. And your post really helped motivating me. *Hugs*
    And yeah, thank you for not giving up on life. 🙂 and your heart.

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    1. You’re so very welcome, Thank you for reading. I am so happy to hear this really helped you out, It really means a lot to me! Thank you for your support, and for welcoming my words, it’s so appreciated! Take care! Love you! Best wishes to you 💜💜💜

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  7. But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, Galatians 5:22

    Thank you for this informative and very kind post God bless you! Kindness is indeed a gift!

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  8. So true! I can’t but be kind after all I’ve been through. I guess I am wired that way thank God! There are instances though that I would have loved to be wired differently so as to be mean to those that haved been too mean to me! But I couldn’t and it was painful. I asked God why he created me full of kindness!!. Love my “weakness” even more now!

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  9. Kindness is hard to find these days, Alice, but when we react kind to an unkind situation or purrson, at least it doesn’t affect us. Great piece of writing! Pawkisses for a furriendly day 🙂 ❤


  10. The world could do with some more kindness. First of all we need to be kind to ourselves, and in so doing kindness to others come by itself. As you say, nobody knows what others have been through, so we should treat everybody with kindness. An inspiring post, Alice.

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  11. Hello Alice 🙂 . You’ve been nominated for Sunshine Blogger Award by me. Keep on shining and bringing light in to this wonderful world :).

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