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How To Make Yourself Happy

Hello lovelies, I’ve be wanting to write in this blog for quite some time but I never really knew a topic to write about, until now. Today I’m gonna be talking about self love and How to make yourself happy and the importance of it.

The world we live in can be a pretty nasty and cruel place. and hating yourself is pretty easy to do, but no matter what you look like, whether you’re fat, skinny, pudgy, thick. You are beautiful, and sure its easy for me to say because I’m not you and I’m not aware of what you’re going through. And I’ll admit I’ve went through hell and back trying to love myself, being a fat girl myself. I tried starving myself, suicide attempts, making myself throw up, all because a few people didn’t find me irresistible, or a lot of people, but to me that’s pretty stupid. To me if you love a person, but you are not willing to give them a shot because they have more fat on their body than you prefer is sickening. There are young boys and girls growing up believing they have to look a certain way to be beautiful.

But, my loves its not true, and it never will be. You are so beautiful, and its hard to believe I know, but promise me you’ll keep on trying to love yourself. And if you look in the mirror and see anything but absolute perfection, buy a new mirror. Because you’re stunning and ill be damned if you let a few ignorant people tell you otherwise.

What they don’t teach you in school is that ̶Y̶O̶U̶ ̶A̶R̶E̶ ̶E̶N̶O̶U̶G̶H̶.̶ YOU ARE MORE THAN ENOUGH.
You don’t need others to be happy. You don’t have to go to parties if you don’t feel so. You don’t have to do what others do just to fit in.

Dearest introverts, here is a short list of things you can do right now to feel happy:

1. Draw, paint, scribble, doodle, write, compose, put your thoughts and feelings on paper. You may not talk a lot, but we both know you think A LOT. Turn it into art.

large (27)

2. Listen to music. You need music as much as you need air. Or even more? Possibly. No matter how scary your playlist is to others, listen to what YOU like. Let the artists speak for you and enjoy fully.

large (29)

3. Make the best out of rainy days and read a book. If there’s no rain, I got you covered.

large (30)

4. Get some yummy treats-
Well, I’m not saying you should have chocolate every moment of your life, but it’s a great idea from time to time.

large (31)

5. Sky-gazing
It’s no secret that introverts love the sky. Especially at night. Whatever is going on in your life, breathe deeply and look at the sky.

large (33)

Self love is a long journey, and it’ll take some time, but its worth it. you need to love yourself, its important. At sometimes it seems impossible but my love you are amazing and no one else needs to believe it but you.


42 thoughts on “How To Make Yourself Happy

  1. Of all the things we indulge in every day , why is it we seem to put the most important thing last, ourselves, a great post and wonderful reminder to all!

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